The Last Dance: How to do Prom Right

I may be long out of high school, but the memories of going to prom have never been forgotten. I have to admit that I came a long way from looking like a basic bitch: smoky eyes, pink lipstick, natural makeup, whatever! Not to mention, a big ass ball gown, sky high heels and an undo was the thing back in 2011. I honestly loved going to prom, but I wish I was more adventurous with my dresses (other than me wearing a tuxedo the year after).

Instead of going out on big dresses and big hair, keeping it simple is the way to go.

A) Pretty in Polkadots


Are You Am I top | Rodarte choker (worn throughout) | vintage ’90s dress | Alice and Olivia x Pretty Polly thigh highs | Chanel sandals (worn throughout)

Inspired by the ’80s vibe of Pretty in Pink, I pull out an off-the-shoulder top and style it with a sleeveless polka dot dress. It gives that cutout shoulder effect that the era was known for. Have you forgotten to shave your legs for the past week? Pull on some thigh-high stockings! Believe me, it’s unbelievably avant grade when you rock with lucite sandals. Throw on your choker and you’re good to go!

B) Emoji Flamenco


American Apparel tee | vintage ’90s (or ’00s) dress | Clare Vivier x Garrett Leight sunglasses | Fogal tights |Sandro coat |Fenty x Puma sneakers 

Still stuck on the flame trend? Give that a go with an asymmetrical hemline! This red dress has an asymmetrical hemline that can elevate the look immediately. When paired with lace tights and a white tee, you got this look on lock. Believe me, it’s very 2017 with the white tee underneath everything look for formalwear! When your feet are exhausted and you’re too cold, grab a coat and put on your favorite white sneakers. If you choose to stay up until the morning comes, don’t forget to bring your sunglasses!

Will you try those looks? What other suggestions do you have for unconventional prom outfits?


All photos by Hallie Geller

#OOTD: Back to Reality

Weekend One has already ended and it’s a bummer that you have to go back to work. However, the festival spirit is still inside you. Remember those statement sunnies and that bling bling choker you bought three weeks ago? Put ’em on again! Before you think about selling your velvet shorts to Buffalo Exchange, plan another outfit with ’em! If you marry your festival wardrobe with your work basics, it’s a whole new take on that “I just got out of work” outfit that can take you to drinks to a fun night out!


Rad + Refined sunglasses | Rodarte choker | Sandro coat| Backstreet Boys tee | Bad Vibes shorts | fishnet tights | Mansur Gavriel backpack | Laser Kitten pins | Fenty x Puma sneakers

All photos by Hallie Geller

#HERSSENTIALS: Rainbow sandals


Chloé rainbow sandals

If there is a Lucky Charm in a world full of Cheerios, these Chloe sandals are the answer. As much as I love nude and black sandals, they can get boring. Being the Gemini that I am, I grab my go-to Chloe rainbow sandals. Not only are they beautiful, but they put a smile on my face. From every single string in shades of ROYGBIV, they make a bare foot look less ugly and a fishnet-covered toe pop. Like, if you imagine yourself as Anne Hathaway making out with that hot blonde dude on Princess Diaries, never forget to do that foot pop. Just make sure it doesn’t caught in a net! 😜

All photos by Hallie Geller

Party Time Excellent: The Kimono


Garrett Leight x Clare Vivier sunglasses | Pearl River Mart kimono | Rodarte choker | Are You Am I top | DIY jeans | Fishnet tights | Chanel sandals

I’m skipping Coachella (due to the jet lag from Eurotriping for two weeks), but the spirit is here to stay. One of the Coachella essentials is a kimono. Sadly, I did not do this back when I first attended the festival; however, it’s the perfect go-to closet staple to cover up that new belly, which you’ve gained from downing one too many beers at the tailgate. Safe to say, it’s a hangover outfit saver.

With kimonos, you can wear it open or close it with a sash. If you wear it with short shorts, it runs the risk of looking basic as fuck. Rock it well with a pair of patched bootcuts and an off-the-shoulder crop top. If you are in the city, wear it with lucite sandals or pull out your go-to fishnets! If you are in the desert, do it a platform sneaker and short fishnet socks. See how easy breezy it looks? Give yourself a pat on the shoulder.

All photos by Hallie Geller

#HERSSENTIALS: Gucci-inspired Jeans


Recently, I was on vacation in Milan and everywhere I went, the Gucci effect was all over the racks. Store after store had the most outlandish things imaginable: marabou sandals, impractical bag shapes (e.g. Dolce and Gabbana’s ice-cream straw purse) and Dr. Seuss-esque fur coats at the 5-lettered fashion house. Thank goodness minimalism has finally died! But here’s something that no one really knows about what’s been brewing: I have been dressing like this for the past 3 years. To be exact, it was one year before Alessandro Michele became the main designer for Gucci. Truth be told, I am all Gucci.

As someone who loves the new maximalism of Michele, his take on patched denim is forever inspirational. However, I feel that there is no need for me to drop $1K on a pair of jeans that I can simply do at home.

Here, I take up a pair of Levi’s orange tab bootcut jeans,  plunged my scissors against the surface and cut out the pockets and back panel. Then, I just glued and ironed all of my favorite patches. See how simple that is? You can simply get your dream denim for less!

And why do I like patched denim? It’s so easy to pair it with anything imaginable: an off the shoulder crop top, vintage graphic tee, crystal choker, red sunnies, fishnet tights, sneakers, backpack and any shade of millennial pink!


Garrett Leight x Clare Vivier sunglasses | Rodarte choker | Vintage Backstreet Boys tee | Are You Am I top | DIY jeans | fishnet tights | Fenty x PUMA sneakers | Mansur Gavriel backpack

What is your favorite outfit go-to with patched jeans?

All photos by Hallie Geller

#HERSSENTIALS: Puff Puff, But Don’t Pass That Dutch

Transitioning to warmer climes from cold temps has never been easy, but the one thing you can’t pass up is a puffer jacket. Insulated with bird’s feathers, the puffer jacket is bound to keep you warm. While everyone out there in the city swears by a black puffer (myself included), the one jacket I’ve been wearing non-stop is my dad’s treasured Lucien Pellat-Finet weed jacket.

Frankly, it might a little too early for a 4/20, but you can’t ignore the fact that marijuana-themed clothes are my jam all thanks to my dad. When I was growing up, he’d be rocking über distressed jeans, flashy shirts, a blinged out cross necklace and loafers. When it came to colder climes, he’d splash out on super statement outerwear, which included Lucien Pellat-Finet sweaters and this puffer jacket. The funny thing is that he never smoked pot, but he wore the leaf proudly nevertheless. (NOTE: I have a feeling that he thought that they were maple leaves!)

One day, he told me to wear it as the temps were climbing down to less than zero. So, I did and now that it’s climbing back above zero, I’ll happily throw it on with anything! Whether it’s day or night, I always feel cozy in that thang. Talk about being better than a sweater!



Lucien Pellat-Finet jacket | Giant Vintage sunglasses* | The Candy Kids necklace | Are You Am I Bodysuit | DIY jeans


All photos by Hallie B. Geller

The Last Days of the Big Chill

The temps are getting warmer than ever and it’s a sign that a dream of spring has finally came! No longer are we stuck in the winds of winter, it’s time to take advantage of the last few days of the big chill. Even as the temperatures are creeping up, there are some winter-friendly options that can still work at this time.

A) Tangled up in Layers3B2A8832.JPG3B2A8841.JPG3B2A8861.JPG

Vintage jacket | Vintage hat | Uniqlo fleece turtleneck | Vintage ’80s Motley Crue tee | Uniqlo thermal leggings | Bebe Aguirre pants | Missguided shoes

OK, it’s still cold, but you need to bundle up. My classic bundle-up outfit – even when I need a t-shirt – always consists of a go-to turtleneck and thermal leggings. Thermal leggings and turtlenecks are mano a mano; however, it can get too basic! Top it off with your favorite band tee and patched up jacket that is guaranteed to have this “I may be cute, but don’t try me” type of vibe. It’s not a easy look to pull off, but I’m telling you, if you try this combo, you can make everyone believe that you are a Hadid sister.

B) The Velvet Dress


Uniqlo bomber jacket | Vintage Donna Karan dress | Miista boots


DIY jacket | Vintage ’90s dress from The Vintage Twin | Rihanna x Stance socks | Raye sandals

Technically, velvet is a fall to winter fabric; however, people still wear velvet in the summer. Even at this transitional phase, velvet is still cool enough to wear it out. These two velvet dresses are dramatic, but entirely different. My vintage Donna Karan velvet dress is more for that ’90s Sharon Stone girl who wants to get a little more basic. When worn with a bomber jacket, it’s fierce as fuck.

For velvet dress #2, it’s got that Sabrina Spellman vibe to it when paired with lace socks and sandals. If you think that going out in 10 degrees Celsius guarantees instant warmth, rock it with a denim jacket by all means. But if you are still feeling the cold, channel your inner Jordan Catalano by throwing on a shearling-lined denim jacket. Talk about cuteness AND warmth at the same time!

C) Faux fur3B2A6047.JPG3B2A6061.JPG

Rad + Refined sunglasses | Neo-vintage ’00s turtleneck | Reformation faux fur jacket | Vintage ’90s Versace skirt and belt | Fenty x Puma creepers

Ignore my Andy Warhol hair. Here, a double dose of faux fur never hurts. Try throwing on this look with a metallic turtleneck, faux fur chubby and a faux fur skirt! Faux fur is not a spring-friendly fabric, but if Rihanna does it (NOTE: her coat was real fur), please do it! Not only can it keep you warm, it’s perfect for those balmy nights. If you are feeling hungover from going too hard on Sunday, a pair of statement shades never hurt.

If you believe that these looks are hard to stunt in, fear not! Be free, live your life and most importantly, keep it #LivinLaVariNaDah!

All photos by Hallie B. Geller