#HERSSENTIALS: Over The Knee Boots

Winter, what’s good? After a month of frigid cold weather, snow and winds, being stuck out here in the winter is absolutely no fun! As the temps are now in an uphill battle between staying chilly like your fridge and room temperature, I literally cannot get any more excited for spring.

The one thing I swear by to knock that transitional phase out is a pair of over-the-knee boots. Like, Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman type of boots. Back in her day, those type of boots were seen as racy and scandalous thanks to it being paired with a body con dress. Now, it’s the look du jour thanks to your favorite style icons (i.e. Rihanna).

Whether it be day or night, you can never go wrong with a killer pair of black suede boots.


Too lazy to pull on a tights and some extra thick turtlenecks? Throw on an oversized tee! As a 5’4″ gal, I absolutely DIG oversized tees as I can easily pass it off as a dress. Not only does it lengthen my legs, it makes it more day-friendly by covering up my figure. Toss on a backpack and you’re good to go!


Valley High t-shirt | Claire’s faux nose ring *| Vivienne Westwood backpack | Marina Fini earring (worn as charm) | Wendy Brandes ring* | Marc Jacobs boots*


It’s a completely different story than the day; however, you can never go wrong with going a little more sexier. Never be afraid to show more skin in a sweet sexy ‘lil slip dress. With satin and lace, you can never go wrong. When it’s cold out there, throw on a slick bomber jacket! As long as  you have your cards, cash, lipstick and keys, your night is set. 😉


Vintage ’80s bomber jacket | Wicked Hippie choker | Betsey Johnson slip dress (circa 2002) | Vintage ’90s Barbie bag

See how fire that look was? Talk about the perfect mix of being sexy, yet covered. Leaving  a bit of modesty adds more imagination and flair that is very unexpected. Also, don’t forget to bring out some playful elements, too! It never hurts to pull out your favorite bag that you’ve worn in your childhood or wear your mom’s vintage costume jewelry. After all, shouldn’t fashion be more fun?

SIMILAR: Seychelles Sardonyx Boots

*= worn throughout

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Michelle Varinata

Dreamer. Seeker. Achiever. Is there any other word that can't describe me? Born in Jakarta, raised in Singapore and educated in Los Angeles, I was bound to trot around the globe one #ootd at a time. While fashion has been a top interest, I also enjoy pop culture, beauty and traveling. Whether it be a fashion show, DIY-ing the latest catwalk-inspired accessory or going to a music festival, there is nothing that I can ever miss out in life. Hence, #LivinLaVariNaDah is born from the desire to not ever FOMO again!

2 thoughts on “#HERSSENTIALS: Over The Knee Boots

  1. Hi Michelle!
    This is Alissa, who bought a jacket from you on Poshmark.
    I’m enjoying browsing your blog…Loving your unique style! It’s definitely fun to find bloggers who aren’t overly caught up in what’s trending, but instead take those trends and really make it their own. Super fun and funky! Love the cute addition of the Barbie bag in the last outfit on this post!

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