#HERSSENTIALS: Puff Puff, But Don’t Pass That Dutch

Transitioning to warmer climes from cold temps has never been easy, but the one thing you can’t pass up is a puffer jacket. Insulated with bird’s feathers, the puffer jacket is bound to keep you warm. While everyone out there in the city swears by a black puffer (myself included), the one jacket I’ve been wearing non-stop is my dad’s treasured Lucien Pellat-Finet weed jacket.

Frankly, it might a little too early for a 4/20, but you can’t ignore the fact that marijuana-themed clothes are my jam all thanks to my dad. When I was growing up, he’d be rocking über distressed jeans, flashy shirts, a blinged out cross necklace and loafers. When it came to colder climes, he’d splash out on super statement outerwear, which included Lucien Pellat-Finet sweaters and this puffer jacket. The funny thing is that he never smoked pot, but he wore the leaf proudly nevertheless. (NOTE: I have a feeling that he thought that they were maple leaves!)

One day, he told me to wear it as the temps were climbing down to less than zero. So, I did and now that it’s climbing back above zero, I’ll happily throw it on with anything! Whether it’s day or night, I always feel cozy in that thang. Talk about being better than a sweater!



Lucien Pellat-Finet jacket | Giant Vintage sunglasses* | The Candy Kids necklace | Are You Am I Bodysuit | DIY jeans


All photos by Hallie B. Geller

Published by

Michelle Varinata

Dreamer. Seeker. Achiever. Is there any other word that can't describe me? Born in Jakarta, raised in Singapore and educated in Los Angeles, I was bound to trot around the globe one #ootd at a time. While fashion has been a top interest, I also enjoy pop culture, beauty and traveling. Whether it be a fashion show, DIY-ing the latest catwalk-inspired accessory or going to a music festival, there is nothing that I can ever miss out in life. Hence, #LivinLaVariNaDah is born from the desire to not ever FOMO again!

One thought on “#HERSSENTIALS: Puff Puff, But Don’t Pass That Dutch

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