Slip it Away: A Case Study for the Perfect Dress

image origial _ HBGPhotography - 315.jpgVintage ’50s dress | Seville Michelle choker

I don’t like to wake up and I hate getting out of bed. I also hate wearing Spanx for all of eternity. If there is one thing I must do to hide my period bloat, what else can I wear besides leggings or jeans? Thankfully, it’s something that I can slip away at the end of the day. Mis amigas, this is is a slip dress.

Long before inner wear was accepted as outerwear, delicate slip dresses were meant to be worn inside. Only you or your S.O. could see you wearing them with matching bras and panties. Even Elizabeth Taylor had to hide hers under a coat! Thanks to pioneers like Courtney Love and Princess Diana, slip dresses are easy to put on in public as easy as 1-2-3. Let’s not forget that Rihanna has been sprinkling her pixie dust on the trend with that magically tattooed finger for the past two years.

As much as I want to rock ’em out, here’s how you can cop my look in the day:

A) Slip ‘n slide!

3B2A6809.jpgVintage ’50s slip dress | ’90s Barbie bag | Liana socks | Chanel sandals

This is no child’s play. Slip and slide take a whole new meaning when you go out of the playground. Temper the look with a pair of socks and rock that with open-toe mule-style sandals.

B) Color me Badd

3B2A6825.jpg’00s slip dress | Are You Am I bodysuit | Chloe bag | Liana socks | Raye x NBD x Revolve sandals

Who says that a little bit of color is not sexy? Make that monochrome palette drown by adding some stripes. To all my girls out there that like a naked shoe, add more straps for that maximalist effect! See a pattern here? Don’t be afraid to play with anything and everything.

C) Return of Saturn

3B2A6862.jpgVintage ’30s slip dress | Tods sneakers

Take your look to the moon with a pair of super slick sneakers. For me, I prefer a pair of clean white kicks just like I like my dudes in leather jackets and slick sunnies. Seriously, you canNOT go wrong with this type of look. It’s SOOO extra Gwen when you wanna throw in that blue eyeshadow and baby buns.

What will you wear with a slip dress?

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All photos by Hallie Geller

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Michelle Varinata

Dreamer. Seeker. Achiever. Is there any other word that can't describe me? Born in Jakarta, raised in Singapore and educated in Los Angeles, I was bound to trot around the globe one #ootd at a time. While fashion has been a top interest, I also enjoy pop culture, beauty and traveling. Whether it be a fashion show, DIY-ing the latest catwalk-inspired accessory or going to a music festival, there is nothing that I can ever miss out in life. Hence, #LivinLaVariNaDah is born from the desire to not ever FOMO again!

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